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February 14, 2014

Drync Wine Olympics copy

On a long midwinter’s day, far from the Caucasus mountains in Russia, our team of wine enthusiasts began a series of challenges like no other. Inspired by the remarkable competitions in Sochi, they developed their own games – the Wine Olympics.

 Brilliantly, these crowd-pleasing games require no athletic ability whatsoever and can be played while watching the actual Olympics and enjoying top ranking wines from around the world.

 Interested in testing your skill? Gather some friends for these events:


Wine Pong


1 table

2-4 contestants

10 wine glasses

6-12 ping pong balls

Black tape

1) Place a line of the colored tape horizontally across the middle of the table, separating two sides.

2) Place wine glasses, 5 on each side, in the trademark Olympic Ring formation: 2 on top, 3 on bottom.

3) Each player is provided 3 ping pong balls.

4) At the sign of “go” players simultaneously try to throw or bounce their balls into their opponent’s glass.

5) The first player to get a ball in their opponent’s glass wins.


Aerating Endurance


1 table

3+ contestants

3+ spittoons

3+ wine glasses


Timer (optional)

1) Each contestant stands in front of a spittoon and wine glass filled with 2oz of wine.

2) At the sign of “go”, contestants take a big sip of wine and hold it in their mouth.

3) Contestants wait for timer to start (optional), and then aerate (suck air into their mouths without drinking the wine) for as long as possible.

4) The contestant who aerates their wine the longest wins.


Glass Curling


1 table

2 contestants

8 wine glasses

6 ping pong balls

Black tape

1) Each contestant stands at either end of the table.

2) Each contestant takes 4 wine glasses, lining them up vertically at the edge of the table along a single strip of black tape.

3) Contestants place 3 glasses upside down and 1 right side up at the end of the line.

4) Each contestant takes 3 ping pong balls, positioning 1 on top of first glass.

5) Contestants face off and blow the balls along the top of the glass bottoms into the last glass.

6) The first contestant to blow all 3 ping pong balls into the fourth glass wins.


Drync Relay


6 contestants

6 phones

6 wine glasses


1) 2 teams are formed from the 6 contestants, 3 per team.

2) Each contestant gets a glass of wine.

3) Contestant #1 must taste the wine in their glass, scan the bottle of wine and then tweet that wine through Drync to the next person (using #BWE2014)

4) Contestant #2 repeats this and tweets the wine through Drync to the next contestant (using #BWE2014)

5) Contestant #3 repeats this, then takes a picture of the team and shares it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram tagging @dryncwine and  #BWE2014

6) Throughout this competition, judges chant in repetition “sip it, scan it, tweet it, repeat it”


Ready, Set, DRYNC WINE!