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Your Wine Astrology Sign!

October 16, 2014

Your star sign can dictate your character traits, your day, your month, your year, your mood, and who you get along with. Why not your taste in wine?


(Mar 21 – April 20)

Aries-wine-horoscopeDrinking buddies: Gemini and Leo are your favorite folks to sip with, but be careful: you fire signs can be a bit, well, fiery, so try to stay away from the shots. You also have an awesome time with the slightly more chill Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Where and when you drink wine: Out with friends… which you are most of the time. Whether it is a bar, a lounge or a high-end restaurant, if the mood strikes you, you are going to hit the grape juice. When out to dinner, you always make the first move for the wine list, and generally like to order wine for the table. 9 times out of 10, you order well, getting the rest of your crew just as excited as you are. However, a flawed bottle just might ruin your night – try not to take it too hard, Aries. You are also a whiz at wine descriptors: words never fail you when describing a wine – make sure that you save them for posterity somewhere (perhaps in Drync? Just sayin’…).

What you drink: Bold and flavorful are the adjectives that you usually look for in a wine, but you are always up for trying something super new – the more obscure the better!

Your main-stays: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Lodi Zinfandel, and Barossa Shiraz, but you will willingly seek out the weird and arcane like Lagrein, Petite Sirah, Ribero del Duero, or American Sangiovese.

What you should try: We dare you, no triple dog dare you, to try something a bit more restrained. Instead of Barossa Shiraz, go old school and check out a Syrah from the Northern Rhone like Cornas or St Joseph. Instead of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, go for one from the Loire Valley like a  Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé. Sometimes less is more.


(Apr 21 – May 21)

Taurus-wine-horoscopeDrinking buddies: You like to keep it real with your earth sign peers, Capricorn and Virgo, but if you are looking to challenge (or torture)  yourself a bit, then you have been known to enjoy spending time with Pisces and Cancer.

Where and when you drink wine: You are the quintessential al fresco diner: all about wine-soaked picnics, camping trips, and patio bars in the summer time. However, when the weather does not permit such excursions, you know exactly where to go as you are such a creature of habit: you generally like to chill at the house, but if you do go go out, you have your favorite two or three spots where you are on a first name basis with the staff, and are loath to go anywhere else.

What you drink: You like your whites herbal, and your reds dry and earthy. You are a bit of hoarder when it comes to your collection. Lucky for you that you love lots of tannin and acidity –  you will be able to hang onto them for a while, and grow your cellar.

Go-to bottles: It might have taken you a little while to get into wine, but  now that you are here, you have your favorites down. Cava is your daily bubble, but you have been known to try the occasional Cremant. You are particular about your Champagne, and your sugar aversion makes Prosecco a no-no. Whites are similarly steely: Chablis, Gruner-Veltliner, Chenin Blanc, and Godello. For reds, you love Nebbiolo, Bordeaux with bottle age, and the smaller subregions within the Languedoc-Roussillon and the Rhone.

What you should try: We wouldn’t ask you to step too far outside of your comfort zone – we know better, Taurus! Lets try a variation on a theme: explore some high-end American bubbly (yes, American bubbles), bone dry Gewurztraminer and Muscat, or Rhone style blends from Yarra Yarra and McLaren Vale. Be patient (it is your strong suit after all), and you will be rewarded with wonderful new wines.


(May 22 – June 21)

Drinking buddies: Aquarius and Libra, but please review our warning from Aries above – you three can get pretty darn wild. Try not to get arrested, OK? If you need to keep things mellow during the week, look to fellow Geminis, Leo and Aries.

Where and when you drink wine: One of your strengths is being super adaptable, so you are happy pretty much anywhere, which makes you the perfect drinking buddy. Like Aries, you have a way with words, so don’t forget those tasting notes!

What you drink: You like it all, which is not to say that you are an indiscriminate drinker – simply that you always look for a wine’s merits as well as its flaws. The wines that you love are lively, and bright. You love acid and mineral and big, bold flavors that wake up the palate. The French even have a word for it: nervosité, that nervy edge that sizzles in every glass. On the downside, you tend to be swayed by high ratings, and anything written up in the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. Trust yourself, Gemini!

Favorite wines: Dry Rieslings, Cabernet Franc from the Loire, but also big old Napa Valley Cab and Lodi Zins.

What you should try: You do not have a problem discovering new wines, given your inquisitive and social nature. Check out our collections if you need some advice, but we know that you don’t really need it.


(June 22 – July 22)

Cancer-wine-choiceDrinking buddies: You are all about Pisces and Scorpio, as you like to spend time with people who are equally in touch with their emotions and imaginations. Taurus and Virgo can also make kick-ass wine-drinking compadres.

Where and when you drink wine: If you can help it, at home. That is not a bad thing, Cancer! You are the consummate host, the master of the dinner party, nurturing all of your favorite people with the finest of food and beverage (although newcomers had better mind their Ps & Qs about the wine). You also know exactly where to buy the best of the best, as you are a friend of every retailer and restaurant you frequent (you should have everything monogrammed with V.I.P.).

What you drink: Beautiful, luscious wines. You are a lover, Cancer, not a fighter, and you want a wine that feels the same: easy-drinking, all-encompassing wines that cling to the palate, and linger for a while. Bubbles tend to be too flighty for your taste. You love luscious weighty whites like Burgundian or Napa Chardonnnays, fleshy Soaves, and southern white Rhones. Ripe Malbecs, beautifully balanced Merlot, and Zinfandel are just the tickets when it comes to reds.

What you should try: We know that it is tough letting go of the old faves, but breaking out of the bubble might enable you to find new wines that you like just as much. Here are a couple of safe options for you, cautious Cancer. Check out the above, if you are not familiar, or look to White Bordeaux, Semillon from Australia, juicy Beaujolais, Barbera from d’Alba, or even a mellow Cahors. If all else fails ask for wines with a long, lovely, lingering finish.

Positive: Emotional and loving; Intuitive and imaginative; Shrewd and cautious, Protective and sympathetic Negative: Changeable and moody, Overemotional and touchy, Clinging and unable to let go


(July 23 – Aug 21)

Leo-wine-horoscopeDrinking buddies: Leos love hanging with their fellow fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius. Although the other two can get a little… fiery, you, Leo are the most composed of the three. If things started getting a little un-fun, Leo can rein everyone back in and keep the party going. If you want something a little more mellow and balanced, then book some time with Gemini and Libra.

Where and when you drink wine: Out, out, and always out. Leo can socialize whenever and wherever the mood strikes. Be it a cocktail party, wine bar, dive bar, gastro-pub or five-star dining, you are always happy drinking wine in mixed company. What’s the point of drinking alone?

What you drink: Creatively minded Leos love to try new things. If you have not heard of it, you cannot wait to give it a try.

Go-to bottles: You have a been gunning for Gruner Veltliner and Godello for years, you are nutty for Negrette, and a fanatic for Franciacorta. You are equally faithful to the classics: Burgundy, Cult Cabs, beefy Bordeaux, Mosel Rieslings, and pretty much anything else that you can find at auction.

What you should try:  Our favorite joke fits you to a tee, Leo:

How many hipsters does it take to screw in a light bulb?

 It’s a really obscure number. You probably haven’t heard of it.”

This is how we feel recommending wine to Leo – you have been there and done that. Feel free to check our collections, but chances are you know your palate and know where to look for new wines.


(Aug 22 – Sep 23)

Virgo-wine-choicesDrinking buddies: Your fellow creatures of habit Taurus and Capricorn, have similar tastes in wine and temperament. Cancer makes every dinner party exceptional. Scorpio is your go-to when you want to get wine geeky.

Where and when you drink wine: Wherever you feel comfortable. That tends to be where you have friends, be it your regular bar, a house party, or simply at home with your loved ones.

What you drink: You are a sucker for subtlety: light, delicate reds and whites that seem lackluster to the untrained or uninitiated palate. You ought to be called the wine whisperer, so keen is your insight, and appreciation for the complex and quiet pout. You love mineral-driven whites and reds, generally French or Italian, but you can also appreciate a well made Napa Cab when paired with a juicy steak. Having said that you, demand excellence in every sip (as well you should, Virgo). You have already figured out what you like about wines (or are at least well on your way) – your approach to wine is almost academic since you are super analytical and diligent. However, you would not dare show off your knowledge to others…. unless pushed to do so by a snotty somm or server.

Go-to-bottles: The classics: Burgundy (red, white, and sparkling), Chianti, Gavi, Champagne, Medoc Bordeaux, Mosel Riesling, and Sancerre.

What you should try: There are plenty of new world regions with old world elegance: Chilean Cabernets,  Tasmanian Pinot Noirs, South African Chardonnays, and Australian Rieslings possess all of the charm of their European predecessors, plus a little new world opulence.


(Sep 24 – Oct 23)

Libra-wine-horosopeDrinking buddies:
You love to spend some quiet wine time with naturally gregarious Gemini and sassy Sagittarius. If you are looking for something new and exciting, you have also been known to kick it with Leo and Aquarius.

Where and when you drink wine: If anyone can accidentally score a free glass of wine or an-off-the-list special bottle, it is you, Libra. You are so mellow, pleasant, and charming, that these goodies just fall into your lap. However, you are just as likely to opt for a mellow night in with fabulous wines and company.

What you drink:  One of your best qualities Libra, is that you do not take yourself, or your wine, too seriously. You are diplomatic about everything you try (no matter how much you dislike it), trying to balance the qualities that you like and those that you do not. Having said that you love anything that is easy drinking: supple and off-dry sparklers like Prosecco, smooth as silk whites like Soave and Pinot Gris; round and ripe reds like Merlot, Malbec, new-world Grenache, and warm climate Cabernet.

What you should try: Try whatever you like, Libra, but make sure to keep educating your palate. Track your ratings and tasting notes, and find some similarly easy-going folks to recommend wines. Stay away from know-it-alls and super critical wine snobs – they are a total buzzkill. Wines to check out: Pinot Noir based Champagne, un-oaked new world Chardonnay (New Zealand, Argentina, and South Africa are great places to start); Austrian reds like Blaufrankisch and St Laurent are smooth, silky, and balanced enough to keep you happy.


(Oct 24 – Nov 22)

Scorpio-wine-horoscpeDrinking buddies: You need folks like Pisces and Cancer who are not afraid of your passion and so-called “intensity.” Virgo and Capricorn are also great as they keep you grounded, and don’t mind your ups and downs

Where and when you drink wine: Whenever the mood strikes you, but you definitely need to be in charge. Whether that is selecting the nightly bottle at home, or picking the wine bar or restaurant – you will be calling the shots. You also enjoy a glass or two by yourself from time to time.

What you drink: You are a complex and exciting individual and you demand the same of your wines. They need to be powerful, magnetic, and beguiling enough to hold your attention. You are drawn to the extremes, loving wines that are super aromatic, high in acidity, mineral, tannin, or all of the above.

Your mainstays: Vintage Champagne or other high-end sparkling wines; Loire valley Sauvignon Blanc, dry Gewurztraminer and Riesling; Dry Bordeaux, and anything made with Nebbiolo. You like exploring new regions and varieties, but tend to keep new wine discoveries to yourself.

What you should try: Start exploring more of what Italy and France have to offer: Chenin Blanc from Savenieres and Jasnieres, Condrieu, and any and all Italian grape varieties that have not heard of yet, such as Schiava, Lagrein, Schiopettino, Vernaccio, Verdichio, Grechetto etc Also start investing in your collection, if you have not done so already. You always keep the long game in mind, Scorpio, and your wine life should be no exception.


(Nov 23 – Dec 22)

Sagitarius-wine-choicesDrinking buddies: You love spending time with fun-loving Aries and Leo, but upbeat Libra and Aquarius are also a great match for your wine drinking style.

Where and when you drink wine: Typically out with friends, but the venue had better be fun. Stuffy steak houses and pretentious fine dining restaurants hold no interest for fun-loving unpretentious Sags. You have no patience for wine snobs, and have occasionally put your foot in it when calling people out. You also believe that good wine is best enjoyed with good friends and conversation, so you are not a big fan of enjoying a glass alone.

What you drink: You tend to like wines that are easy to understand and have a good story behind them. You tend towards varietally labeled wines, as complicated labels strike you as a bit pretentious. You love hearing about the history behind a good glass, especially if that means a chance to chat up your sommelier or server. You are also the person who loves hearing all of the boring details that your drinking buddies cannot: the style of harvest, how vintages varied from year to year, the name of the winemaker’s dog etc

Your steadfast faves: Easy drinking Prosecco and Cava, Pinot Grigio and off-dry Riesling, mellow Malbec and Oregon Pinots. Having said that, you are restless and cannot stick to one producer for too long.

What you should try: Learning about old world wines will appeal to your intellectual side, Sagittarius. Check out Garnachas from Spain, Priorat and Toro; super smooth Soave, Barbera and Valpolicella. Also start looking to up the flavor ante all around: check out wines that have a little more acidity and tannin. Try a dry Riesling next time you are craving something sweet yet tart. Instead of Merlot go for a Lalande de Pomerol (AKA Merlot from Bordeaux – still round but with a little more of a tannic bite).


Capricorn Dec 23 – Jan 20 Earth

Capricorn-wine-horoscopeDrinking buddies: You love sipping with Taurus and Virgo – all three of you have very refined taste in wines, and high standards. Once you get to know each other, Scorpio is another great sign to geek out with. You will love sipping with Pisces since they are so easy to talk to.

Where and when you drink wine: You are nothing if not strategic, Capricorn (in wine, as in life). You definitely enjoy fine wines, but you are too practical for everyday splurges. You love finding a deal, and can often be found at free wine tastings, and wine bar happy hours. If you are going to drink at home, it is usually in the form of a dinner party or tasting group.

What you drink: Anything that offers bang for the buck. Not to say that you are strictly a “$20-and-under-a-bottle” kind of wine drinker, but you demand excellence within each category. If you are going to splurge it had better be worth it. You are building your home wine cellar very carefully and strategically through lots of small purchases, and careful monitoring of wine prices.

Fave bottles: Like Taurus and Virgo, you are a huge fan of dry, minerally, wines: Loire valley whites, offbeat whites like Gruner Veltliner,  lesser known appelations within Burgundy and Bordeaux, Sangiovese from Tuscany and Nebbiolos from the Piedmont, finer AOCs from the Languedoc like Minervois, and Corbieres, and of course, Rioja

What you should try: Spoiling yourself once in a while! We do not just mean treating yourself to more high end selections occasionally, but also loosening up and trying something a little more… impractical: Napa Cabs and Zins, Barossa Shiraz, Argentine Malbec, and off-dry Rieslings can all age beautifully and are delicious now.

Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19)

Aquarius-wine-horoscope Drinking buddies: Your wine buddies are the similarly open-minded Gemini and Libra, but you can also have feisty fun with Aries and upbeat  Sagittarius.

Where and when you drink wine: Given your friendly and intellectual inclinations, you are a big fan of sipping wine in collegial company. You find that wine can also inspire some of your most original thinking, and are big on discussing professional or scholastic endeavors over a glass of wine. You also like knowing the story behind the wine, and what inspired the winemaker (and being able to share that in good company).

What you drink: While you like many bottles, you tend to be a little detached, and rarely fall in love with a particular wine. You can count on one hand the number of 5 star wines you have ever tasted. You like seeing a winemaker’s skill in action and tend to like more internationally styled wine. Contrarily enough, you also love biodynamic production methods because they are so outlandish and hands off.

Fave bottles: For Aquarius, It is more about producer than region: You enjoy well-made varietal wines out of California (we bet you have had 90% of the wines featured in this WineFolly post), and Super Tuscans to be sure, but quirky counts with you as well. Your favorite producers: Randall Graham of Bonny Doon, Nicolas Joly, Alvaro Palacios, Charles Smith to name a few.

What you should try: Start getting better acquainted with the concept of terroir. For centuries, vintners believed that the land created the wine, and the winemaker was merely the conduit to make that happen. Remember newer is not always better, Aquarius. Plus learning about the microclimates of Burgundy, Chianti, and the Mosel will certainly appeal to your intellectual side. So get started!

Pisces (Feb 20 – Mar 20)

Pisces-wine-choicesDrinking buddies: Oh, sweet. compassionate Pisces – with your selfless ways, everyone loves drinking wine with you. If you had to pick, however, you love kicking it with fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio. Similarly, you can always let your hair down with super trustworthy Capricorn and Taurus.

Where and when you drink wine: Pisces loves wine and company, but can be somewhat particular about the environment. Loud and boisterous might be fun for some, but not for you, Pisces – it makes it so hard to listen to your friends! You dont like being bound by convention and appreciate awesome environments, preferring to frequent your favorite spots during the “off-hours,” either really late or really early. Otherwise its a glass of wine on the couch at home.

What you drink: Since you are eager to please, you are happy to drink whatever your friends are drinking. You tend to share Cancer’s love of smooth easy drinking selections, but prefer things a little on the lighter side (you are a water-sign after all).

Favorite bottles: If you absolutely had to pick favorites, it would be water-weight whites like Vinho Verde and Muscadet, Provençal rosés, and cool climate Pinot Noirs.

What you should try: First of all, start sticking up for yourself, and voicing your opinion, so you do not have to suffer through an overly-oaked 16% alcohol monstrosity again! Next, start exploring some more wines for yourself. We bet you would like Austrian reds, Chilean Pinot Noir, and Pinot Gris from Alsace or Washington.

So what do you think? How accurate or inaccurate are the assessments above? Let us know in the comments below.

Amy Ullman Marketing Manager Drync Drync Marketing Manager, Amy Ullman is a Capricorn, but not really happy about it. Her BFF is an Aries, her boyfriend is a Taurus, her boss is a Gemini, and swears that did not influence her write-ups in the slightest.



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