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What did we Drync in 2013?

January 1, 2014

What Did We Drync in 2013?

We did some digging on what our Drync customers purchased this past year and came to the very scientific conclusion that folks who use Drync are cool. Seriously, you get it, man!

You debunk myths about gender preferences on wine. In the Drync community, men appreciate a good white just as much as women – and you all drink red much, much more.


You are adventurous. American consumers tend to gravitate towards (you guessed it) wines from the U.S., or bigger “New World” wines in a similar style.  However, over 40% of the wines purchased through Drync were not only from outside of the United States, they were from the “Old World” (a.k.a. Europe).


The most popular wines were interesting, as they varied so widely in style. Bold Cabernet and elegant Pinot Noir ruled for reds, with juicy Sangiovese, spicy Zinfandel and soft Merlot not too far behind. For whites, smooth Chardonnay and aromatic Sauvignon Blanc led the pack followed by sweet little Riesling, uber-floral Moscato and citrusy Pinot Gris/Grigio.


However, the list of up-and-coming grape varieties was long and illustrious. Nearly 40% of top wines purchased being wines that makes sommeliers giddy, like Falanghina, Albarino, Txakolina, Pinot Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Gamay, Cabernet Franc, Pinotage, Nebbiolo, Nero d’Avola, and the list goes on…

Among these up-and-comers, there was obvious gravitation towards traditional grape varieties (ie. those typical of a specific region and mostly only grown there), with 73% of the reds and 81% of the up-and-coming whites fitting this bill.

We also saw trends towards certain styles. On the red side, you gravitated towards lighter, more elegant wines, with 72% of up-and-coming reds being thin-skinned grapes (hence lower in tannin).  For whites, the obvious inclination was towards crisp and aromatic styles with little or no oak influence.

Overall, it was really satisfying to see you buy so many unique and small production wines through Drync – realizing our vision of bridging the gap between discovering a wine you love and being able to buy it. It was also interesting to see buying trends for wines we know and love.










Thank YOU for being a part of the Drync community. We are looking forward to big things coming soon in 2014 to further personalize your wine life and Drync experience. Let’s cheers to that!