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July 29, 2009

I have to admit something. I re-gift wine. Frequently.

Here’s the scenario that happens all too often: we’re running out of the house to a dinner and realize we didn’t get a gift. So I go to my wine “cellar” (more like a wine cupboard), and stare at it. How much should I “spend”? And for that matter, how much is each bottle I own worth (of course, I have no idea because either they were gifts or I picked them up years earlier while traveling overseas etc.)? What are we likely to eat that we might want to pair the wine with?

Well guess what (this is going to come as a big surprise) – Drync Wine can help! In fact, it did help me just recently, in three ways.

First, I now have my wine cellar cataloged in Drync Wine. I know the value of each bottle, as well as have expert reviews and winemaker’s notes for each. For instance, I was shocked to find out that bottle of Antinori Tignanello a classmate gave me is worth $114 (! don’t give this one away !), and the 2002 Fond de Cave Malbec I schlepped back from Argentina is worth less than I paid for it…

Second, I was given a bottle of 2005 K Vintners The Creator the other evening. This turns out to be a $55 bottle of wine that received a rating from The Wine Advocate of 96/100. According to the winemaker, I’ll find “black olives, tapenade, dried herbs, earth, and spice” in there. Whoa! Definitely not re-gifting that.

And last, as we are walking out the door it’s super fast and easy to refer to my Drync Cellar and choose an appropriate wine to re-gift.

I’m not proud of this lazy habit, but it is what it is. And I assume I’m not alone.