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New Release, Momentum, Top Wine App

March 2, 2009

February was quite a month. In typical fashion, I let our planned v2.0 release “balloon” from a manageable set of features to something quite a bit larger than that. Now pleasantly on the other side of the release, I can look back and admit that maybe we should have bitten off something smaller.

However, perhaps it was worth the extra effort and time. Today we were chosen as the top wine app in the app store by Macworld. That feels good and probably justifies the “stress” induced by feature creep. What I particularly like about this article is the author is exactly our target audience – not a wine expert per sae, but a wine lover and interested in remembering and learning more about the wines he tries. I also like his correct (imo) analysis of the Wine Enthusiast Guide app, which has a lot of information but loses some of the key mainstream use-cases.

Our v2.0 release really zero’d in on user feedback, which was incredibly clear. We received hundreds of requests for the following features:

  • Cellar filtering
  • Editable fields for wines stored in people’s Cellars
  • More reviews
  • Visibility into what other users are drinking

All that’s in there. The Cellar filtering took quite a bit of doing, and in the end we settled on a solution that, while perhaps not perfect for everyone, is quite elegant (we think). A simple “search” bar (a common iPhone paradigm) into which you type keywords that you would like to filter your Cellar on, such as Red, Chardonnay, or Steak.

What didn’t make it that users have requested? The key items, which will be released in the blink of an eye, include:

  • MUCH faster search (we’ve completely re-vamped our Search back end)
  • Cellar sorting (i.e. by rating, alphabetical, etc.)
  • Cellar backup

There will be much more, but that’s the teaser.

Thanks for your support. Keep the feedback coming. I think you’ll find that we respond quickly to it!

-Brad, CEO