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March 5, 2009

I co-founded Drync because I love wine, but have no time to invest in becoming a wine guru, aka oenophile. I’ve got a full time job and three active boys to contend with. While I’d love to spend my days going to wine tastings and reading The Wine Spectator, sadly, that will continue to be a  fantasy…at least until I ship them off to college.

So, I find myself using the Drync app all the time…to look “informed” when at a business meeting…to select the “right” bottle and impress friends at a dinner party…or just to discover new wines to try at home.

New in the v2.0 product is a Top Wines section. This is one of my favorites,  because I love browsing the most popular wines our users are drinking.

For instance, I just noticed that my favorite inexpensive, “go-to” wine is at the top of the list – Kim Crawford – a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. It’s nice to know others like it too as I bring it to almost every dinner party I go to! You can’t go wrong with Kim Crawford. I never much liked Sauvignon Blancs until I tried the New Zealand variety. And Kim Crawford has become my favorite.  And as I learned from a review I read on Drync, the 2008 Kim Crawford was selected to Wine Spectator’s top 100 list.  I always thought the 2007 was the one to buy. This is why I love Drync — now i know to buy the 2008! (And btw, you can buy it by the case at Costco).  I drink it year round. In the spring and summer it pairs well with just about anything I’m grilling. (i don’t cook…only grill) fruity and crisp and not too sweet. And I drink it all winter long to remind me of spring and summer. Us New Englanders do whatever we can to get through winter. And Kim Crawford helps makes winter just a little bit more palatable.

Speaking of winter, we’re heading up to ski country this weekend, and I am bringing the 2007 Luca Malbec. Another popular wine from our Top Wines section. It too is on Wine Spectator’s 2008 top 100 list. According to Eric Asimov from the NYT, Malbecs are a great value and very “drinkable.” Since that’s about as sophisticated as I get — I’m sold. It is supposed to pair well with hearty comfort foods like lamb, steak, and pork.  Since I don’t cook…I like to stop at the Harvest Market in Stowe, VT. They have a great lamb shank with fig sauce.  Sounds perfect for the Malbec, and just the type of meal we’ll want after a long day on the slopes.
I’ll let you know how it goes! And keep using Drync so I can discover more wines that you like!


Jodi, Co-Founder