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Drync + LoseIt! Trivia

May 12, 2014

As much as we want to believe that a liquid diet is calorie free, the sad truth is that this is simply not the case (even for wine lovers): a 5 oz glass of Napa Cabernet Sauvignon usually hovers between 120-150 calories, but can have as much as 175. These calories can quickly add up over a lovely summer evening of sips and conversation.


However, we are partnering up with our friends at LoseIt! to present some awesome low-cal options, so that you can keep your evenings filled with wine, and without guilt. We have put together an entire list from sparkling through reds all under 105 calories per 5 ounce glass. Check out our latest list of Low Cal Wine recommendations.

Moreover, we are so excited about our collaborative list, that LoseIt! & Drync are now teaming up for a Twitter Trivia contest, this Wednesday, May the 14th. Follow both @loseit and @dryncwine, and keep your eyes peeled for the #WineyWeightLoss Trivia hashtag.

The prizes will be 10 one-year Lose It! Premium memberships and 10 $25 gift certificates good towards purchasing your favorite low-cal wine through Drync

From 10 AM to 9 PM we will each be posting 10 trivia questions from each handle. LoseIt! will be posting all of the wine related questions, while we will be nutrition and fitness content (lets hear it for broadening our horizons!)

Follow the format below and post for your chance to win.


Q1 The fermented juice of what popular fruit is used to make wine? #wineyweightloss


*A1 Grapes #wineyweightloss

*Include the answer number, the answer and the hashtag (#wineyweightloss)

*Do not reply to the question! Create a NEW tweet with your answer.

Check out our Low Cal Wine List. And stay tuned for our blog on how to suss out low cal cal wines, as well as light and luscious sangria recipes.

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