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Gloria Frazee’s Wine Spectator’s Golden State Gems

February 14, 2014


California’s 2,900 wineries produce 90% of all American wine, more than 110 grape varieties and span about 800 miles north-to-south. Get better acquainted with California and hone your palate as on this tour of state’s top regions, key grapes and wine styles. This list highlights the quality and diversity of California, as you explore Sauvignon Blanc, luscious Chardonnay, elegant Pinot Noir and bold Zinfandel from Sonoma, Napa Valley and the Central Coast. And, of course, the Golden State ‘s King Cabernet is represented. Wine list created by Wine Spectator’s director of education, Gloria Maroti Frazee. These fun and adventurous wines will have beginners and experienced wine lovers shouting the California state motto, ‘Eureka!’




Gloria Marotti Frazee is the Director of video and education at Wine Spectator.