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Food and Wine Pairing of the Week: Champagne and French Fries

July 9, 2014

wine and food pairingFood and wine pairing is one of our favorite topics here at Drync (in addition to “if you were a wine, what would you be?”). Because what could possibly make our favorite wine even better? Food of course! There are a few key food and wine pairing rules to keep in mind, the first of which is drink and eat what you like. However, there are some pairings that are simply stupendous together, and we want to highlight them for your gustatory pleasure. Here are some of our favorites to help get you started. This week our focus is on one of the all-time great high brow-low brow pairing: Champagne and french fries.

What makes this food and wine pairing work

So why are Champagne and fries so delicious together? Sparkling wine is naturally high in acidity, that lip-smacking tartness that makes you salivate and crave another sip. This acidity cuts through the natural heft and richness that is inherent in a good batch of french fries. French fries would also not be nearly as much fun without a healthy dose of salt. This can kill many a wine, but not one which is blessed with a high level of acidity. In some ways this salt can make sparklers even more sippable. Additionally, the bubbles can similarly scrub the palate clean, and get you ready for another bite.

How to make this food and wine pairing even better

The rules above apply not just to Champagne but all sparkling wines. Here are a couple of specific pairings that can help get you started. Noshing on something from McDs or BK (Come on don’t lie, we all do it!)? Best to keep it simple – start with a crisp, clean Cava (talk about bang for the buck). If you are a fan of spicy fries, look for a Prosecco with a little more residual sugar to tame the heat. Going gourmet requires a comparably uptown wine. If you like your fries with a sprinkling of truffle oil and some shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano, then look no further than some killer Champagne. The natural toastiness and nuttiness will pair perfectly with the cheese, and the earthiness will practically sing with the truffles. If Champagne feels too glam for the occasion (or if you’re just trying to keep things cost effective), then check out Cremant de Bourgogne.

Some of our favorites to get started with:

What are your favorite food and wine pairings?

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Amy Ullman Marketing Manager Drync Amy Ullman is the Drync Marketing Manager, an avid runner, and could consume Champagne and french fries on a daily basis (hence the avid running).