The Drync Wine Blog


February 24, 2014

What is Drync?

Drync is a Boston-based mobile software application that enables consumers to purchase wine at the moment it is most relevant to them – while they are drinking it. We enable consumers to quickly and easily purchase wines they love on their mobile phone for home delivery.

How do I get Drync on my Mobile Phone or iPad?

Drync is free and available through Apple’s App Store and through Google Play.

When will Drync be available in my area?

Drync is currently available in 42 states within the US. We are moving as fast as we can to deliver to Drync users nationwide. Because we are expanding our network our ship to states are constantly changing. To see if Drync is available in your area check under “Account” Drync App. Contact us at to be notified when Drync is available in your state.

How do I find the wine I’m drinking?

Easily! Simply take a picture of the front label with the app. We will match the image to our database.

We also feature wine lists that you may search, browse and filter to find a new wine.

What if it doesn’t make a match?

Submit a request to us and we will have one of our wine professionals personally search for the wine for you. If it is distributed in your state and available for sale, we will find it and notify you. If it is not, we will complete the wine details for you and notify you if the wine becomes available.

When I try to change the vintage of the wine I’m searching for, only a few years come up. Where are the others?

If your wine is matched with the wrong date, the “change vintage” button allows you to browse other vintages in our system. Vintages available for purchase will be listed next to a “$” (dollar symbol). If the vintage you are looking for is not listed, the wine from that year is currently unavailable.

What is the “Drink By” date mean?

This date refers to the year by which you should enjoy your wine, recommended according to the type of wine purchased (red/white/sparkling), and its individual aging potential. 

What is your delivery charge?

Shipping is free for orders of 12 bottles or more and otherwise varies based on quantity.

How is the wine delivered?

Once you have made a purchase, we will send you an email confirmation. This conformation contains your unique tracking number, which you can use to track your purchase at

Please note, during extreme heat during the summer months, or extreme cold during the winter months, we may hold shipments to your area here in our warehouse. If you feel this may be a problem because of a time sensitive package, please email us.

Do I need to be present to accept the delivery?

You or a representative age 21 years or older must be present to receive the package. We provide tracking information so that you may coordinate, but some people prefer to have wine shipped to their offices to ensure they are present to receive it.

What is your Vintage Substitution Policy?

In some situations, a particular vintage may be sold out. At the top of the ‘Checkout’ page in the Drync app, there is a checkbox entitled ‘Allow Vintage Substitutions.’  If this box remains CHECKED and the vintage you ordered is unavailable, we will automatically substitute a different vintage (usually more current). We will send a courtesy email to you if the bottle price is over $30.

If you have UNCHECKED the box, meaning you do NOT want us to substitute the vintage, and the wine is $30/bottle or more, we will NOT automatically substitute the vintage. Instead, we will let you know what other vintages are available and give you to option to proceed or remove the wine from your order.

Wines priced under $30 may be substituted without notification by our fulfillment team regardless of whether the ‘Allow Vintage Substitutions’ box is checked.

I received damaged or corked bottles. How should I proceed?

If you received products that were damaged during transit, we will be happy to replace them.  We may require you to hold on to the damaged items and/or submit photos of the travesty while we process a damage claim with the carrier.  Please contact us before disposing of any damaged items.

It’s an unfortunate thing with wine that some bottles are “corked”. If you happen to receive a “corked” bottle, please hold onto what’s left and contact us. For fastest results, contact us via and include your order number.

I have another question. How do I contact you?

You may email us at or call our customer service line at 1-877-871-6226. Customer service is available Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm EST. If you call outside of that those hours, you may leave a message and we will return your call within 24 hours.