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Drync CEO Speaks on the “State of Consumer Internet”

February 16, 2009

We had a great showing at the Vilna Shul for a panel on the State of Consumer Internet. Moderated by Jeff Bussgang, the panel included Scott Savitz of, Dave Balter of BzzAgent, Jeff Taylor of Monster, EONS, and Tributes, and Brad Rosen of Drync.

It was exciting to feel the buzz in Boston around consumer internet, and in particular, the iPhone. We fielded many questions about mobile/iPhone market, pricing, and product strategy.

Here are some follow-up blogs…

Doug Levin (organizer of the talk; thanks Doug!!)

Dan Bricklin (inventor of the spreadsheet (!) and committed podcaster)

Keri Singer

All in all, a fun, informative event with a really engaged audience.