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Drync as Wine Spy?

August 10, 2009

Every where we turn, there’s more news about our countries economic woes and how this is changing our lives.

For me, like many others, it’s changed how I hang out with friends. Last year this time, our default was to head out to a bar or restaurant to grab some drinks and food. Now, we still do this but also have had picnics in the park, potlucks at each other’s houses, and gone to free summer concerts. Like others, we’ve become a bit more careful with how we spend our money.

Now how can Drync help me with this? Well, in two ways. First, the the fact that I can use Drync reviews to make sure the wine I’m buying is worth my dollar. And hey, maybe by checking out the most popular list I’ll find a new, less expensive wine that I might have previously dismissed.

The second way Drync helps me out always makes me feel a bit like a spy. You see, if there’s a couple of wine stores that I love to go into. Whether it’s that they have super fun tastings, a cool ambiance or just because I know they carry some really interesting options, visiting them always a good time. BUT I also know, that some of their wines may be a bit more expensive then some of the other shops I go to. I understand, I mean those  tastings and the ambiance has to come from somewhere! But right now, I can’t always afford to buy whatever wine I want whenever I want. So I’ll surreptitiously snap a picture (hence the spy vibe) and add the wine to my Drync cellar as something I want to purchase in the future. Maybe I’ll come back in a few weeks … or maybe I’ll spy the same wine somewhere else a little less expensive.

What about you? Have you found a way that Drync helps you be wise with your dollar?

— Carol O.