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About Drync

February 24, 2014

Drync is the first mobile app that allows consumers to find, track, share, and purchase wine at the moment it is most relevant to them — while they are drinking it. The elegant and intuitive iOS mobile app allows consumers to quickly and easily purchase the wines they love on their mobile phones for home delivery.

We enable consumers to easily and confidently purchase wines they love on their mobile phone for home delivery.

Drync has been a top wine app for over 4 years, having been a fixture on Apple’s top free and paid Lifestyle lists. It has appeared in several Apple television commercials and chosen as a top wine app by the Today Show, Bloomberg News, New York Times, Mashable, TechCrunch and many other publications.

Drync users can learn about, track, share, and buy their wine in seconds using an iOS mobile device. Emerging from beta, Drync now has a network of fulfillment partners with over 30,000 wines available for sale to consumers in 41 states.

Drync’s professionally curated wine lists help people discover new wines, featuring recommendations from top wine experts, such as Charles Antin, wine specialist and auctioneer at Christie’s NY, as well as hand-crafted lists of rare and unique wines in topical categories recommended by wine professionals.

You may contact us at or 1-877-871-6226.