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with a lantern, therefore, we can recognize faces and come. K only recognize an acquaintance, carriage. Gaisitake say hello to him and asked him. Are you still in the village do Yes, K replied, I come here are going to have Substation Automation it exam to stay. It s okay with me, Cover Stark said that a fit of coughing interrupted him, then he turned away to talk to others speak. They Cisco Certification had all been waiting Substation Automation for Ailang Ge. Ai Langge already there, but in the future he must first consult with Mo Maisi, only interviewed those parties. They are complaining not let them in the house and so on, can only stand outside in the snow waiting for interview. The weather is not cold, but keep them in the Black Lands in, stood in front of the hotel, may have to wait several hours, after all, not understanding human performance. This is certainly not the fault of Ai Langge, he has always been a very easy going, he did not know such a thing, if I know, the Fed is very angry. This is the fault of the Heron Hof hostess, she blindly pay attention to manners, can.

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
650-125 SAE Substation Automation for Engineers Cisco Substation Automation
650-126 SAAM Substation Automation for Account Managers Cisco Substation Automation