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Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
010-001 Qt Essentials Nokia Nokia Certification
021-000 Advanced Widget UI (beta) Nokia Nokia Certification
022-000 Qualified in C++ with Qt (beta) Nokia Nokia Certification
N00-001 Nokia secutity administrator exam Nokia Nokia Certification
NO0-002 Nokia Security Administrator Nokia Nokia Certification
NQ0-231 3G Radio Network Planning Nokia Nokia Certification
SDM_2002001010 SDM Certification - PS SI Nokia Nokia Certification
SDM_2002001020 SDM Certification - PS NPO Nokia Nokia Certification
SDM_2002001030 SDM Certification - PS NSOP Nokia Nokia Certification
SDM_2002001040 SDM Certification - CARE Nokia Nokia Certification
SDM_2002001050 SDM Certification - NI Nokia Nokia Certification