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Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
920-441 Nncde contivity security exam Nortel NCSE
920-443 Nncse-succession 1000/1000m rls.3.0 Nortel NCSE
920-447 Nncse-contact center exam Nortel NCSE
920-448 Nncse-alteon security Nortel NCSE
920-449 Nncse contivity security Nortel NCSE
920-452 NCSE-Communication Server 1000 Ris.4.0 Nortel NCSE
920-453 Ncse callpilot 2.x/3.0 unified messaging Nortel NCSE
920-458 CSE- CallPilot Rls.4.0 Unified Messaging Nortel NCSE
920-804 Nortel technology standards and protocols for converged networks Nortel NCSE