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o get married She repeated the sentence. Marry a woman you know what I mean. She did not say anything. Now I finally determined to get married. He said. Look. CIW Certification She replied. do you love me She smiled bitterly. Why are you ashamed ah He said, in front of the face of God you do not shame, in front of several people face what Be ashamed of it No, she replied deep, I did not shame. Shame on you, he replied a bit of pain if, This is all my fault. But you know, I There is no way no way to really you know, right I know you have no way. She said. I love you very much but also a CIW Certification lack of love in something. What is lacking She asked, looking at him. Oh, I was lacking something that I should be ashamed I like a mental disability. I m ashamed of, really painful past. But why so ah I do not know. Miriam replied. I do not know, he repeated, Do not you think we have too many people called it CIW Certification it exam pure Do not you think this is what fear, what were disgusted, but it is a kind of dirty She stared at a pair of black eyes looked at him surpris.

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
LPC-201 LP Certified CIW CIW Certification
LPQ-201 LPQualified CIW CIW Certification