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he did not pay attention. Later, he suddenly found mother Pro tired words can not hardly talk about it. So he CCA XP took her went into a small hotel, let her rest. Nothing. She said, My heart Citrix Certification is a little bit of aging, which is inevitable. He did not answer, just looked at her. His heart and twitch, painful. He wanted to cry, wanted to smash the Some things. They set off, walking slowly step by step. Each step is like a burden of pressure on his chest. He felt his heart seemed to explode. Finally, the mother and son finally climbed the hill. She stood spellbound, Looking at the castle gate, looking at the front of the church, they are just fascinated, forgot himself. It s better than I thought it good She cried. However, he did not look like her pair. He has followed her, thinking always heavy. They sat together Church, together with the church choir. She was a little timid. I think this is everyone can participate, right CCA XP it exam She asked his son Yes, he replied Do you think they would be so rude to put us away However, I bel.

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
1Y0-220 Citrix Metaframe XP 1.0 for Windows Citrix CCA XP
1Y0-310 MetaFrame 1.0 or 1.1 Administration for UNIX Operating Systems Citrix CCA XP