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8 Wines for Beer Drinkers

June 3, 2014

 8 Wines for Beer Drinkers


Wines for Beer DrinkersAs a good wine lover, you want to share your enthusiasm with others. But what to do when your drinking buddies are all about the beer? This group can be some of the hardest to convert, but that need not be the case. Preference in brew can be a good indication of one’s wine preferences as well. The world of beer, just like the world of wine, is complex with a very wide range of styles. To keep it simple, we’ll focus on 4 popular beer styles and their vinous alternatives: Pilsners, India Pale Ales, Belgian Whites, and Stouts.

Wines for Beer Drinkers #1: Pilsners

Pilsners are the prototypical lagers: light, crisp, clean and refreshing. They are perfect for summertime, backyard BBQs, tailgates and mid-day game parties – just about every beer drinking opportunity, really. If the beer drinker in your life, loves pilsners, they will likely gravitate to lighter, easy-drinking reds and whites. White Wine Recommendation: Gruner Veltliner  While this Austrian grape produces wines in a variety of styles, Pilsner popping papas will most enjoy ones that are bone dry and slightly floral, like the Prager Gruner Veltliner Hinter Der Berg, which also has a nice light white pepper finish – a hallmark of Gruner Vetliner. Red Wine Recommendation: Pinot Noir  Red wine for a Pilsner lover? Yes. Reds possess savory elements that will keep your beer lover satisfied. Pilsner drinkers are likely to enjoy red wines that are clean and crisp with elegant fruit and herbal notes, like Tohu Pinot Noir from Marlborough, New Zealand.

Wines for Beer Drinkers #2: IPA

India Pale Ales are intensely floral with an herbal bitterness, bright citrus flavors, and a weight beyond lagers. They originated in the 19th century, when brewers were tasked with creating beer for British troops stationed in India. In order for the ales to arrive in drinkable condition, brewers added extra hops which acted as a preservative during the long ocean voyage. White Wine Recommendation: Pouilly Fumé (Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc) Pouilly Fumé is a Sauvignon Blanc produced just across the river from Sancerre that has a distinct flintiness to it due to it’s unique terrior. It should not to be confused with Fumé Blanc (Oaky, smoky, Sauvignon Blanc from California) or Pouilly Fuissé (that fussy Chardonnay from France’s Southern Burgundy region). The floral, citrusy and flinty aromatics of Ladoucette  Pouilly Fumé should be quite pleasing for your IPA drinker. Red Wine Recommendation: Langhe Nebbiolo from the Piedmont For an IPA-like red, look no further than a Nebbiolo from the Piedmont, like Sandrone Nebiollo d’Alba Valmaggiore. Nebbiolo is a thin-skinned grape that produces wines that are both elegant in body and rich in flavor, with a bitter tannic bite, floral complexity, and the high-toned acidity that is sure to please the hop lover in your house.

Wines for Beer Drinkers #3: Belgian Whites

This beer earns its moniker from its cloudy appearance caused by yeasts that hang in suspension in the beer. Belgian Whites are typically wheat-based, adding a little tang, which is underscored by a healthy dose of spices: coriander, orange and other botanicals. White Wine Recommendation: Gewürtztraminer To match the complexity and weight of a good Belgian White, we need a full-bodied and aromatic wine with a touch of residual sugar, like Hugel et Fils Gewürtztraminer. The Gewürtz in Gewürtztraminer,  means spicy in German, and it lives up to it’s name: these babies are brimming with aromas of sweet citrus, black pepper and roses. Red Wine Recommendation: Lambrusco What red can provide that perfect blend of sweet, spicy and savory all in one sip? Check out Cavicchioli Lambrusco Col Sasosso, a sparkling red from Emilia-Romagna, Italy’s bread basket. They are designed to go with rich, fatty charcuterie and cheeses, and hence are also perfect accompaniment with barbecue.

Wines for Beer Drinkers #4: Stouts

For whatever the reason, no matter the season, black and tans never seem go out of style. These brews are rich, roasty, robust and chocolatey. Equally concentrated wines that are rich in flavor and weight are a the way to go for a wine alternative. White Wine Recommendation: Oaked Chardonnay  It would be difficult to find a white wine with flavors of chocolate, but a nicely oaked Chardonnay will have rich aromas and flavors of vanilla, coconut, cream and toast. If you are looking for a nice big Chardonnay, California consistently delivers. Try Rombauer Carneros Chardonnay from California . Red Wine Recommendation: Rhone Blends Finding a red wine for beer drinkers that love stout is a breeze. If your beer drinker is a sucker for the savory charms of a good Guinness, rich red wines with some natural spiciness that have also spent a little time in oak would be a good match. Syrah/Shiraz, Pinotage, Carmenere, Chateuneuf du Pape, and big Cabs are all good options. As is a blend! Try Rust en Vrede Cabernet Sauvignon – full-bodied, intensely spicy and dry with flavors of coffee and bitter chocolate it is sure to please the stour-lover in your life. Feel free to check out our full list of wines for beer drinkers, and remember finding a solid substitute is an art not a science. If you at first you don’t succeed, Drync, Drync, again!

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